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Riley Rose is One Creative Wordsmith

I am Rose McKesson and I am a writer and a wordsmith, who works with words. I string words together, to resonate and pull at the hearts and strings of the listening ear and sometimes if I’m lucky, I can bring a smile to the faces of those who are listening. When I’m truly successful, my words can bring even more than laughter, they can connect and inspire reactive tears for having heard something significant. I am usually inspired and driven toward the original. I like creativity that comes from “outside the box”. My goal is to spawn a catch phrase or a wicked new taunt and maybe a subtle, impacted but appropriate insult, that could be even lyrical, or draw influence from current trends, but always tell a story. Sometimes these stories are provocative, but ever true to their intended message or theme. Undoubtedly, my role as a wordsmith is to originate the best word-string possible. Usually, what comes out first is what I like best, whether or not it ends up as final product. Contact Rose McKesson: info [at] mckessonmarketing [dot] com Rose McKesson is One Creative Wordsmith A McKesson Enterprises Company