From Superhero Vela Kurv graphic book.

Vela Kurv’s Take on TNG’s “The Naked Now” and Voyager’s “Time and Again”

-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

From Lorabella’s journals at the West Pipe Space Academy, before she becomes Vela Kurv

Today I watched TNG’s “The Naked Now” episode. This resonates as all about trust and I see the same theme in Voyager’s “Time and Again” episode. Both Captains: Picard and Janeway must trust an officer when their abilities are compromised. Trust can be difficult in a leader but is absolutely necessary in order to effectively lead. Picard must trust his second-in-command, Riker, to save the Enterprise-D crew from a severe psychological disorder (Psi 2000) that infected the Enterprise during their rescue attempt of the 80 member crew aboard the Tsiolkovsky now found dead.

Janeway must trust the young officer she’s trapped with on a Class-M planet in a red dwarf system that exploded in the future, and was wiped out by a polaric ion explosion. Janeway’s away team investigates the aftermath and inadvertently is trapped a day into the past. Trust in the midst of the treat of destruction must be absolute and I’m sure also difficult. Trust that a young crew will follow their Captains’ lead and execute their orders, I see as a challenge of command. Both Captains are effective because they both ultimately do trust.

Picard is absolute in his conviction and execution of this skill. Janeway learns to bend and trust her junior officer’s (Paris’) resolve to follow her lead. Both Captains survive because their instincts prove their trust. Choosing one’s crew is therefore essential to the affective execution of this ability. I pray I choose well when my time to lead comes. My survival will depend on it.

Signing off, Lorabella

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