Vela Kurv Reviews Star Trek Voyager’s “Phage”

-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

From Lorabella’s journals at the West Pipe Space Academy, before she becomes Vela Kurv

Janeway in “Phage” like Picard in “Code of Honor” must deal with a medical plight. However, in this scenario, it is not a Federation quest to deliver a vaccine to an infected planet, but a new race in the Delta Quadrant, the Viidians, who themselves have become raving body part raiders because of a plague on their own world.

Janeway finds that these aliens attacked and stole lungs from her crew member (Neelix), in order to implant them in a dying Viidian sculptor. Because she spares the sculptor’s life instead of killing him to take the organs back, he offers his race’s superior medical expertise to save the debilitated Neelix and Voyager’s doctor is also enriched with new medical technology for a long lost crew, very far from home.

Although Janeway employs a threat against the Viidians from ever utilizing her crew to harvest body organs, in the end her diplomacy wins over force and an executed death threat. Knowing the time to warn, act, or exact diplomacy is a skill a commander must accomplish. I’m keeping notes to help me make the best choice when I’m conflicted with a similar choice.

Exhausted now, goodnight, Lorabella

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