Vela Kurv Reviews Betrayal in Star Trek TNG’s “Datalore”

Vela Kurv Academy School Log

Anticipating betrayal is never a commander’s immediate conclusion, until the threat of such begins to reveal a trail and even then, it is usually lagging in final belief. Captain Picard’s Lieutenant Commander, Data is a sentient android who serves as the second officer and chief operations officer aboard the Enterprise-D. Picard realizes the value Data brings to Starfleet. His positronic brain allows him impressive computational capabilities, and his superior strength has saved the life of crewmen as in “The Big Goodbye” when he easily carries an injured crewman to sickbay saving his life. Data was discovered in the Omicron Theta system out in the open cavern of a barren crater filled planet.

On the Omicron Theta planet the Enterprise-D crew and Data discover his amoral brother, Lore, and learn that Data was not the first android constructed by the famed cyberneticist Dr. Noonien Soong. Lore fails in an attempt to betray the Enterprise-D to the same Crystalline Entity he befriended and allowed to attack the Omicron Theta Federation colony. The entity destroyed all of the colony inhabitants. Data is attacked by Lore, after he learns of Lore’s intentions to allow the Crystalline Entity to consume the crew. Data successfully saves the ship’s crew and beams his brother into space at the episode’s conclusion.

Captain Picard, like the rest of the Enterprise crew (but excluding young ensign Crusher), easily trust Data’s brother (Lore) because of the quality of the character of Data who so desires to be human. They never suspect that Lore could be jealous because Lore has human emotions that Data does not possess. Lore was rejected by the colony inhabitant’s when they learned of Lore’s self superior beliefs. Data was created, preferred, and Lore was resultantly deconstructed by Dr. Soong, thereby learning to hate his brother. Crusher’s youth aids the crew by his distrust of Lore and assists Data in regaining his consciousness to defeat Lore. Such a complicated scenario would be hard to anticipate by a commander, when the intent of the investigation was to simply gather information.

My conclusion is that a commander must find a way to anticipate the unexpected without being constantly on guard and ready to shoot. Balancing the scales of right and wrong and knowing when to act upon their course in either direction is always a leader’s burden. This is one muscle I’m sure I will develop.

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