Vela Kurv on “Encounter at Farpoint”, Star Trek The Next Generation’s Episode 1

-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

From Lorabella’s journals at the West Pipe Space Academy, before she becomes Vela Kurv

As a child my father often talked about Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I believe he found his character to be noble. I watched the first episode of Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) last night: “Encounter at Farpoint”. I too am enchanted by Picard’s presence and the strength of his backbone. Although he is motivated by his command and the responsibility it carries, I find his moral compass to be fairly even. This assessment is obviously an early assumption. He keeps his head, though confronted with a powerful enemy called the Q, a visitor from what it calls the Q continuum.

Picard logically contemplates how to deal with this extradimensional life-form that demonstrates power to manipulate space and matter, and interferes with the execution of the Farpoint investigative mission. Although Picard is surprised by his crew being charged and placed on trial for being a “dangerous, savage, child-race”; he keeps his head and instead challenges Q’s intrigue: “Those who go on misinformation, half-information, self-righteous life forms who are eager not to learn but to prosecute, to judge anything they don’t understand or can’t tolerate.”

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Now the threat from one extraordinary alien is contained by his own desire to prosecute and judge. The Q releases the crew of U.S.S. Enterprise-D spaceship, allows them to continue on their mission under observation of tried accusations. Picard is cerebral but strong in his personal belief of what good his crew will accomplish within the optimistic guidelines of The Federation: “We’ve no fear of what the true facts about us will reveal.” In the end his conviction proves true and wins his crews’ freedom from the Q and gains moral goodwill from an enslaved spacefaring life-form by returning it to its mate after gifting it with needed energy to set itself free. This may prove helpful for future missions to come.

My challenge is seeing the logical approach and believing in the end resolve. Unlike Captain Picard, I’m gaining my experience; he has many years of life experience to draw from. I must also interpret what my world’s challenge is and assess a method to solve it. This is my last year as a cadet, before I am placed in command and must find answers to many questions confronting Earth and its present planetary attacks. So far they are occurring infrequently but still have resulted in loss of life, thus the military plans for a time when more drastic measures and decisions will have to be made. I may be making them. But for now I study, watch, and learn.

Signing off, Lorabella Kurv Wiles
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