Vela Kurv Finds More Than “The Cloud” Covering Crew Individuality in Star Trek Voyager

-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

From Lorabella’s journals at the West Pipe Space Academy, before she becomes Vela Kurv

Captain Janeway has to determine when individuality is a help or a block for both the Doctor and Neelix aboard the Star Trek Voyager starship. Exploration of an unusual nebula reveals a discovery of a spaceborne life-form injured by Voyager’s entry. Also revealed is “the Doctor’s” injustice of circumstance, a hologram with an attitude and under consideration of reprogramming to adjust his attitude for a bruised crew’s feelings. Kes points out the inequity of this assessment because Holograms deserve to evolve too, so Janeway listens…
Neelix learns to adjust his fearful perspective for the good of repairing the injured life-form and Janeway grants “the Doctor” the ability to evolve. He is given the ability to expand his programming, he can turn himself off and on and put together a list of needs in order to best service the crew’s medical needs.
Military leaders need to be able to adjust their assessment of justice in order to balance the scales correctly. Our first determination of what’s best may not be accurate and listening before acting may be the adjustment that equals the fair answer for the best solution.
Signing off, Lorabella

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