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Star Trek Inspires The Creation Of Vela Kurv, A Biracial Female Superhero

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-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek

What would it be like if we had a world of totally equal opportunity, if we had no inequality, no disease and no poverty? What if we lived in a world where mankind only needed tobetter itself? What might that world look like?

Such was a world created by Gene Roddenberry, in the original Star Trek series (1966-1969), officers serving and coexisting in rank on a bridge of multi ethnicities. Nichelle Nichols, (cast as Nyota Uhura), has shared the story of how she met MartinLuther King during the Civil Rights Struggle while she contemplated leaving the Star Trek series. She explained how she told Roddenberry, she was leaving the show and he asked her to reconsider, because he was building something of significance. Making a statement about the inequity of a society in which they were living.

Nichols was invited to an event and as luck would have it,she meets Martin Luther King that night. He sought her out and told her how much her show meant to him. Nichols explained that she was leaving the show. He told her, she couldn’t do that. What she represented was too important. Roddenberry’s Star Trek was the only show that he would allow his children to watch because of the multi ethnicities that served together of equal rank (all officers) and of equal capability and training.Nichols decided to stay on the series after her conversation with King.

How Star Trek Influenced Vela Kurv’s Creation

Star Trek had such a resonating tone of truth for me. It spoke to me as a child; I would watch the syndicated reruns everyday after school during my elementary school days. The truth of opportunity and capability resonated with me, as well. How could it not, resonate with everyone, I thought.

This television series did something extraordinary during a very turbulent time in the United States. Star Trek was able to shine a light on inequity, on prejudice and racism and on the plight of war. In fact, so much of the series connected with me, that I was driven to create my own biracial female superhero inside my own world of science fiction, her name is Lorabella Kurv Wiles, also known Vela Kurv. Presently Vela Kurv Begins and Vela Kurv Becomes are in print and for sale on Amazon.

Vela Kurv Finds Its Way To Story

The backstory of Vela Kurv is somewhat surreal. Vela Kurv is part of a line of women created by the combustion of a star, the Constellation Vela. Lorabella becomes Vela Kurv because of her alien and human bloodline. Like all superheroes, she struggles with her own humanity. She has a lesson to learn in dealing with her own father, who happens to also be the commanding officer of Earth’s military.

The struggle of humanity exists for us all in how we view our own world and circumstances. The scales of justice don’t always feel balanced because the struggle for equality has never been just. I can only hope for a world filled with truth, justice and equality for all men, women and children but until that day becomes a reality, I have made make my commentary through the world of Vela Kurv and I show how this biracial female superhero seeks to balance the scales of right and wrong, because she believes that it’s possible. She fights to make justice the prevailing truth inside the world of Vela Kurv.

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Riley Rose, Author

-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer, Superhero Author of Vela Kurv Novels

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