RileyRoseAuthor Storytelling Is One Of My Favorite Things is available on Spotify here and now!

Vela Kurv Superhero creator, Riley Rose Author, has a new podcast!

Riley Rose Author, StoryTelling Is One Of My Favorite  Things is a bi-weekly podcast on Spotify and Anchor where I read chapters from the fascinating books I’ve written inside the world of science fiction, murder mystery, high drama, and romance.


First Full Episode of Riley Rose Author Storytelling Is My Favorite Things is live on Spotify now!

My hope is to share my passion around the stories I’ve written to share. The episodes are on Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and all other podcast platforms

Find me on Social Media everywhere. I’m on the web as @RileyRoseAuthor and RileyRoseMcKesson.com. Take a listen to my podcast and be sure to subscribe, rate, and comment on any podcast App.

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