Curvy Chick Production Company

A little about us

Superhero creator, Riley Rose Author is part of Curvy Chick Production Company dedicated to the creation of video and hardcopy content. Our divisions encompass multi-media and digital publishing. Our projects include: Vela Kurv, a science fiction multiple project story of books, videos and soon to be films; digital media companies such as: and We partner with business management to produce quality content for brand promotions.




Global Outreach

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Campaign development on a global marketing scale.

Strategic Planning

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Strategy development includes marketing done via e-mail,  wireless media and digital data systems.

Business Consulting

Image descriptionCurvy Chick Productions is the arm of project development designed to put a polished medium on each developed brand.

About our Services

  • Public Consulting
  • Dedicated Marketing Department
  • Dynamic Strategies
  • Social Media Management

What We Do

  • Business Consultation
  • Restructuring
  • Network Support
  • Contacting Vendors
  • Social Media Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Network Specialists
  • Stock Market Information
Independent project development of short films, project trailers and feature film development. Digital media includes online magazines, blogs and ebook development.


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Annie’s Star Trek On The Edge of Forever

Doggie Flicks Presents: Annie McKesson Starring in ‘Annie’s Star Trek on the Edge of Forever’. Disclaimer: Annie’s Star Trek on the Edge of Forever is in full compliance of the US Copyright Fair Use guidelines, under the parody clause, and are used purely for character parody representation only.

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Book Trailer.

Vampire Rules for Love – Book Trailer

A Killer Resume – Book Trailer

Always Ready Book Trailer

Finding You Beneath Book Trailer

Chamberlain Affair Book Series Book Trailer

Rebecca’s Awakening Book Series Book Trailer

Wounded Heart Book Trailer

Bloodline Tales Book Trailer