ENTERTAINMENT – “Republic of Doyle,” Modern Day Dramedy of Rockford Files

The show has been sold to over 90 countries, and maintained over a million viewers a week on CBC television in Canada.

Need something fun to watch before bed or something fun to binge this weekend? Republic of Doyle is just what you’re looking for. This show ran from 2010 – 2014 and has six seasons with a total of seventy-eight episodes, so this should keep you busy for awhile.


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I am so impressed with Allan Hawco, who stars in Republic of Doyle. He created a very successful enterprise on the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation network) that ran for six seasons. He studied business at Memorial University of Newfoundland but dropped out in favor of the National Theatre School of Canada. Hawco’s first role was in the Shakespeare by the Sea production of Macbeth, which was directed by Aiden Flynn. From there, director Danielle Irvine encouraged the young actor to audition for the National Theatre School where he was one of 13 selected from thousands of applicants that year.



After graduation from the National Theatre School of Canada in 2000, Hawco worked in many of the major theatres in Canada. In 2005, motivated by the want for greater creative control, he started his own production company the Company Theatre with Philip Riccio. The company’s inaugural production, A Whistle in the Dark, brought Hawco critical acclaim. Their 2009 production of Festen won him three Dora Awards, including Outstanding Production of a Play.

Some of Hawco’s earlier movie roles include Canadian productions such as Making Love in Saint PierreAbove and Beyond, and Love and Savagery, the latest of which won him an ACTRA nomination for Outstanding Male Performance. His career took off with the launch of his own TV series Republic of Doyle, which premiered in 2010. Hawco is co-creator with Perry Chafe and Malcolm MacRury, executive producer, lead actor, head writer as well as the show’s showrunner. The show has been sold to over 90 countries, and maintained over a million viewers a week on CBC television in Canada.



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Hawco literally put his whole family to work on Republic of Doyle. One of his brothers is a composer, and has composed for Republic of Doyle, while his father has also worked on the show and his mother has appeared as a background performer.

This Canadian show takes place in Newfoundland and follows the story of Jake Doyle and his father who work as private investigators. The show is less crime procedural and more of a light-hearted good time. The show isn’t afraid to be a little ridiculous and wears the we-don’t-take-ourselves-seriously attitude very well. We wish there were more shows willing to be less serious.

The characters

The characters on Republic of Doyle are well rounded, and, according to native Newfoundlanders, the characters are accurate portrayals of the local citizens. Meaning they’re full of dry humor, wit, and irreverence.

The main character, Doyle, frequently ends up in difficult situations, which are usually of his own making.

Viewers also praise the relationship between Jake Doyle (Allan Hawco) and his father (Sean McGinley) for being loving, even despite their fights, and enjoyable to watch.

The plot

The plot has just enough mystery to call it one by genre, but that’s as far as it goes. It far prefers its comedy leanings with a touch of drama. Many people liken Republic of Doyle to other older shows such as Starsky and Hutch or Magnum P.I.

Jake Doyle, while dealing with his dad and solving cases, which only sometimes are related to murder, he’s also doing his best to figure out his romantic life – well okay, pretty much all of his personal life.


Viewers adore this show. It’s hard to find a review which isn’t positively glowing. People who aren’t from Newfoundland adore the sweeping landscapes, and those who are from there appreciate their little hunk of the world being showcased so well.

The humor and silliness keeps people coming back for more, whether it’s first time watchers bingewatching the show like crazy, or longtime fans re-watching. Fans do warn that if you want something serious like CSI or something realistic feeling, then don’t bother to watch the show.

The show is pure fun and meant to be entertaining. It succeeds at being both of these things.

How to watch

Lynda Boyd stars in “Republic of Doyle.”

If this show is sounding like something you want to watch, and really, how could it not? Then you’re in luck because it’s available on pretty much all of the big streaming platforms. You can watch it on Acorn TV through Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu (if premiering on these platforms), and even Apple TV.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a cup of tea, snuggle into a blanket, turn on the show, and prepare to have a lovely evening.

Source: IMDB and Film Daily


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  1. Good review of Republic of Doyle. I really liked your reference to Starsky and Hutch & Magnum P.I., that got me interested enough to take a peek. And you’re right, “Doyle” contains a nice mix of action, drama, comedy, and cool along with good writing & acting to make this a series worth watching. Thanks for letting me know about it. 👍🏻

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