Mattel Barbie New Dolls

MATTEL BARBIE – One Of My Favorite Things, Mattel Releases A New Barbie Extra Line At Walmart, Target, And Amazon In Time For Holiday Shopping

Mattel is once again rolling out a Barbie of color!

Mattel introduces a new Barbie. The company explains their position of the new doll in the marketplace: “There’s a little something “extra” about Mattel’s newest line of Barbie dolls.”

The new Barbie line showcases rainbow hair to a range of body types, skin tones and fashion. In fact, “…each of the five Barbie Extra dolls has a playful and over-the-top style, Mattel officials shared exclusively with USA TODAY.”

As the holidays roll in, Mattel released an announcement. “The new dolls go on sale Monday at Amazon, Target and Walmart with a suggested retail price of $24.99 each.”

New Barbie Dolls by Mattel

Mattel releases new Barbie line of dolls.

Kim Culmone, Mattel senior vice president and global head of Design Barbie & Fashion Dolls, explained that, “When it comes to fashion, Barbie Extra has a ‘more is more’ attitude, as even their pets are accessorized.

Each doll rocks their own unique style and offers girls an exciting fashion and styling play experience with posable, articulated bodies.”

Mattell New Barbie Line

New Barbie line of dolls.

Culmone elaborated and explained that the company looked over several sources for inspiration of design including culture, fashion runways, and street style. “Barbie is at her best when she connects to culture and Barbie Extra does just that from the name, down to every detail and accessory.”

Mattel New Barbie Line of Dolls

Mattel releases new Barbie line of dolls.

Mattel’s Culmone is clear about the message the company wants to present. “The dolls are fun and playful, letting kids dial up their self-expression and fashion fantasy play by showing them you can be a trendsetter at every age.”

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Vela Kurv Weighs in on Star Trek TNG’s “Code of Honor”


-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

From Lorabella’s journals at the West Pipe Space Academy, before she becomes Vela Kurv

Captain Picard must employ respect and nobility to Ligonian leader Lutan on  planet Ligon II and what begins as a diplomatic mission to establish a treaty quickly turns into a kidnapping. Picard must walk a tactical line between befriending this planet to acquire a rare vaccine needed to treat the plague on planet Styris IV or use the Enterprise-D’s technological advantage to secure Security Officer Yar back aboard ship from where she was taken.

When to exact might in a power struggle? Picard has to patiently acquire more information on this abduction to direct his next move and secure the needed vaccine because his medical staff is unable to replicate the formula. Further investigation reveals the abduction is an internal power struggle between Lutan and his own ambition. Non-action until a course is determined is Picard’s winning move.

In this scenario, mind instead of might reveals the successful move. The vaccine is acquired and a more nobile leader is determined without much interference from Picard. My lesson here is clearly to investigate, examine, and then act. Force is not always the answer.

I’m tired now, going to sleep, good night, Lorabella.

From Superhero Vela Kurv graphic book.

Vela Kurv’s Take on TNG’s “The Naked Now” and Voyager’s “Time and Again”

-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

From Lorabella’s journals at the West Pipe Space Academy, before she becomes Vela Kurv

Today I watched TNG’s “The Naked Now” episode. This resonates as all about trust and I see the same theme in Voyager’s “Time and Again” episode. Both Captains: Picard and Janeway must trust an officer when their abilities are compromised. Trust can be difficult in a leader but is absolutely necessary in order to effectively lead. Picard must trust his second-in-command, Riker, to save the Enterprise-D crew from a severe psychological disorder (Psi 2000) that infected the Enterprise during their rescue attempt of the 80 member crew aboard the Tsiolkovsky now found dead.

Janeway must trust the young officer she’s trapped with on a Class-M planet in a red dwarf system that exploded in the future, and was wiped out by a polaric ion explosion. Janeway’s away team investigates the aftermath and inadvertently is trapped a day into the past. Trust in the midst of the treat of destruction must be absolute and I’m sure also difficult. Trust that a young crew will follow their Captains’ lead and execute their orders, I see as a challenge of command. Both Captains are effective because they both ultimately do trust.

Picard is absolute in his conviction and execution of this skill. Janeway learns to bend and trust her junior officer’s (Paris’) resolve to follow her lead. Both Captains survive because their instincts prove their trust. Choosing one’s crew is therefore essential to the affective execution of this ability. I pray I choose well when my time to lead comes. My survival will depend on it.

Signing off, Lorabella


-Riley Rose McKesson, Writer

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