Justin Bieber 2020

ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, Justin Bieber Sings At The People’s Choice Awards | Nov 2020

Justing Bieber Sings Live At People’s Choice Awards 2020

Justin Bieber brings down the house at the People’s Choice Awards. He performed a compilation of ‘Lonely’ and ‘Holy’.

Justin Bieber sing Lonely

Justin Bieber had beautiful cinematography behind him for his opening song, ‘Lonely.’

Justin Bieber sings Lonely at the People's Choice Awards 2020

The camera followed Bieber to an inside stage where he took off his coat and walked down a long runway, brightly lit with hung, purple lighted crosses, as he sang to ‘Holy’.

Justin Bieber sings Holy

For added affect, his performance began as a solo with just piano and ended with an accompaniment of a full stage of background singers aligned along the modeled walkway.

Justin Bieber sings Holy at the People's Choice Awards 2020

Justin Bieber lived and performed up to his current status as the Prince of Pop.

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Linda Ronstadt Documentary The Sound Of My Voice

ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, Linda Ronstadt Documentary, The Sound Of My Voice

RileyRose Author, McKesson


I was struck by film on the life of rock star singer, Linda Ronstadt. She attended my high school in Tucson, Arizona. She graduated some years before me. I was on the yearbook staff, my sophomore year, and we did a feature article on her at the time. Her career was on fire. She had an incredible voice that my yearbook staff teacher wanted to feature. He was successful in reaching the Ronstadt family and we interviewed her for the yearbook article.

I was drawn to the documentary after listening to an interview that aired in 2013 on FRESH AIR with host, Terry Gross. Apparently the interview was scheduled right after Ronstadt received a medical diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The documentary reveals that she ended her career a few years before the official diagnosis because the disease severely affected her voice and its range.

Gross points out in her interview that, “Ronstadt recorded her first hit in 1967, “Different Drum,” under the name of her band, the Stone Poneys. She went on to sell more than a hundred million records. Her best-known recordings include “Heart Like A Wheel,” “Desperado,” “You’re No Good,” “Faithless Love,” “When Will I Be Loved,” “Willin'” and “Blue Bayou.” Her rise to stardom coincided with the height of the counterculture and the music associated with it, making her a focal point in a world far removed from her Catholic upbringing in Tucson.”


Ronstadt’s career flourished because of her perfect pitch and wide range that allowed her to put her own spin on cover songs. Linda turned a classic Phil Everly song into a country-rock classic and made it into a bigger hit than the original rising as high as No. 2 on the Billboard pop single charts. It was recorded in 1974 as part of her now classic “Heart Like A Wheel” album, produced by Peter Asher.

Linda Ronstadt sings “Blue Bayou”, one of her record breaking cover songs.

The documentary covers the many faces of her long career. She never remained tied to any of the popular music of her timeframe. And against the recommendations of her record label, she recorded an album of standards with the notable arranger Nelson Riddle, that turned into a surprise hit and led to a couple of other albums from the American Songbook. Ronstadt also recorded albums covering the Mexican songs that she learned from her Mexican grandfather and her father.

Linda Ronstadt with Eagles – Silver Threads & Golden Needles

Ronstadt was instrumental in the beginning of the Eagles band; its members were original musicians that played with her band. The directors of the film, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, tell Ronstadt’s story as a “rock queen” using her own words.

The film brushes over her playing Sun City in apartheid-era South Africa (especially galling, considering how many of her hits were originally recorded by Black performers), and after the UN had declared a cultural boycott there. A Who’s Who of ’80s musicians later got together for a “We Are the World” style collaboration declaring “I’m not gonna play Sun City” in response to Ronstadt (and other performers, like Queen, and Paul Simon) defying the boycott.


Since Ronstadt has Parkinson’s disease, the film has moments that do evoke sadness about her current state, an ableist view belied by a scene in which she sings along (though she refuses to call her now limited range “singing”), with her nephew playing an old Mexican favorite.


She is also still engaged with the world (and voices strong opinions about the border with Mexico, which she and her family crossed often when she was a child), as evidenced in a recent interview with The New YorkerIn spite of her tongue-in-cheek hit “Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me,” the last thing Linda Ronstadt has ever wanted was for anyone to feel sorry for her.


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