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A kind of curriculum focused on diversity and literacy on Amazon

Every day digital media becomes more important as a means for receiving, producing, sharing, and broadcasting information. Tools and resources that were once the exclusive property of a few are now available to many more people. Tomorrow’s publishers, marketing people, and community leaders will need to know how to use digital media to persuade others and tell new and effective stories. Knowledge of the rules and grammar of movie production, broadcasting, and media presentation is a new powerful literacy.

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Today’s educators and students will find it particularly valuable to be skilled in the use of digital media tools such as iMovie and Final Cut Studio. This curriculum guide is designed with 24 lessons that are linked to either content area standards or skill set competencies and are meant to be taught during a traditional 18-week semester.

These are not untested projects – they are lessons that the author uses in her classrooms to prepare students for leadership in the digital media production and broadcasting fields. Each project includes a list of tools, estimated time required, tips, evaluation suggestions, additional resources, and more. The “Real-World Connection” section in each lesson explains how the skills learned in that lesson will be valuable in the students’ professional lives.

A Curriculum for Digital Media Creation

Begin with incorporating “A Curriculum for Digital Media Creation”, available on Amazon.

This guide will instruct your teachers on how to teach your them digital media. Visit Digital Media Create on the web.

Digital Media Creation Curriculum for instructing students.

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