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Storyteller Fiction All Ages

Riley Rose, Author Riley Rose’s storytelling has launched a publishing company and her stories and books have hit the best-selling list on Amazon. From books to film, from television to live entertainment experiences, she has written, produced and marketed with deliverable and measurable results. This compilation is a small sample of my writings to share. My books are available on or

Murder Mystery, Drama, and Romance

It takes a Storyteller… This book, Storyteller, is a sampling of stories by Riley Rose, author. Tell your stories. Write them and share them as you see fit. Let’s fill the world with our stories. Let’s fill the world with art and beauty and gain from the connection of sharing it. Share it with your family, your friends. Share it with your loved ones. The expression isn’t as important as it is to share it. Share the truth of it. Share your soul. Share your love.

Storyteller Non-Fiction

Storyteller Fiction 18+

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