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Recovering her memories… Will release his driven desires.

He had the perfect life. Then…KA-BOOM…everything was gone in one shocking moment that left him broken inside.

He’s the proven psychiatrist who helps the oh so many who need to loose a bad habit, get ride of an irrational fear, or explore their hidden past…

She is his new female client that is stunningly beautiful, darkly mysterious and factually a troubled young woman who has lost her memory. As their sessions begin her deep dark desires are exposed and he finds out that she is not what she appears to be.

When he uncovers her past he loses all sense of professional decorum. He realizes he needs to abandon their scheduled weekly encounters—but he just can’t help himself…

What scares him most is what he is finding out about myself….

She somehow knows that he is unlike any man she’s ever known. He is movie star handsome, with a ripped body and has that hot’n sexy, American Aristocratic accent. She can see what others can’t, there’s pain in his eyes and he won’t say why.

He doesn’t know that the deeper he goes the more entangled they become….

The content is recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

Rebecca’s Awakening is a full novel now!

All is fair in love and war… Twenty three year old Rebecca, feels left behind after she’s dumped for her inexperience in reaching orgasm. She gets advice from a group of friends during a one-week get away.

Rebecca begins by looking for some tender romance but her search quickly turns into some hot Lessons of love. She runs into a childhood friend, he’s older, movie-star handsome and successful, and finds her young and enticing. She expands her limiting lack luster horizons and follows her newly aroused sexual fantasies to overcome her inhibitions and solve her shortcomings in the field of love.

Jefferson is the flame that draws in the moth instincts of Rebecca. Wanting to burn them up, she embraces his invitation to get to know him in the most hot and delicious ways.

She allows his control and dominance to take her to high peaks of arousal. The clock begins to tick away during her fantasy vacation. Will her affair with Jefferson end well, or will she just end up heartbroken all over again?

Part of of Rebecca’s Awakening is a novella

Rebecca’s Education (novella) is part 2 of Rebecca’s Awakening

All of her fantasies seem to be simmering in all the right places until her best-laid plans get a blast of cold water in part II of the Rebecca series, Rebecca’s Education. Rebecca gets one large dose of education in the most challenging way. She didn’t see her way clear before falling down the rabbit hole as her own best laid plans ricochet and catch her off guard leaving her unprepared to deal with her own reality check.

Rebecca’s Decision (novella) is part 3 of the Rebecca’s Awakening book series

Now in part III of Rebecca’s Decision, her very own desires come into question. Is she chasing the dreams she really wanted to come true or some form of what might be expected of her at this stage of her life. Rebecca has some final decisions to come to terms with. Will she make the right choice given the conditions of her considerations…? She’s got just a few short days to find and make the best decision she can…

An American Hero of Forbidden Love is a happily ever after romance

Joshua Langdon is a part of the United States Coast Guard. He’s home between missions but about to deploy again. He’s kind, caring and loyal. He’s also completely and happily single. The happenstance of danger throws Abigail Preston right in his path. Being the dedicated soldier that he his, he steps up to rescue the damsel in distress. One small problem, he doesn’t want a girlfriend or complications in his life. She’s running from her past. Something dark, dangerous and sinister is following her. She’s driven to handle her own business but must accept help from Josh when she knows they’re no one else to help her overcome her current dilemma. More complications unfold when Josh offers her a safe place and her only choice is to accept his offer. He doesn’t want love and she is running away from a haunting fear. He is a protector who shouldn’t fall for her and she is a target searching to hide. Not quite a soldier love story or the perfect romantic relationship. The unfortunate complication of forbidden love unfolds in no way that either of them expects or trusts to end happily ever after…

Industrialist Finds His Girl Friday is a happily every after love story

An industrialist makes the decision to pursue the call to a woman. One only available to him. He doesn’t share. She makes a decision to save the most important person in her life, her dying mother. She is young, impoverished and driven to rescue the last endearment in her life. She is confronted by a choice keep a deal with a very bad man or to choose a relationship with a reclusive stranger. She is willing to give up her truest virtue. She focuses on keeping her arrangement as obstacles continue to fall in her path. She ducks and dives to the best of her non lived life. How can she keep such an arrangement when a dark door opens to one big confronting addition that she never saw coming. The content is recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

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