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With tons of downloads, find your killer life in A Killer Resume! Have you had a shakeup in your professional life? Been downsized or laid off? Are you searching for something more? Do you need to find the next phase in your new killer life? Then you now need to identify how your life needs to change to accommodate a changing marketplace.

My Killer Life Transformation is all about starting a new career!

You need to identify what your next career path is, but how do you do that if you’ve never had to do it before? Or maybe you have to do it again? This book introduces a new way of targeting your killer life’s resume. Create your own business plan that will lead you to where you need to go to find your killer life transformation. You can do it!

Learn how to write and start your own publishing business!

Extended Edition to ‘How to Write and Start a Publishing Business in 40 Days’. It’s as easy as A-B-C A. What is the challenge? Overcome your fear and Write Your Book! B. How do I publish my book? It’s easier than you think, you just need to learn how! There’s a method and a formula to laying out your book, publishing it and promoting it. Once you’ve done it, you will be in the game and on your way to a self-publishing business. It begins with publishing just one! C. How do I promote my book? Promoting your brand new book can be done, once you know the steps and the method!

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