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Riley Rose Author Books Available on Amazon

Rose is a #1 Amazon Kindle author, her book, “A Killer Resume” hit #1 on the eighth day after it’s release and remains in the Top 100 Bestseller List on Amazon Kindle. Her “Vampire Rules for Love” romance novel also hit #33 on the Top 100 and her recent science fiction release “Vela Kurv Begins” was featured on Amazon Children’s Books as a #1 recommendation for YA readers. “Vela Kurv Begins” features a biracial female superhero. Rose is a long time lover of creators of whole new worlds like George Lucas, JR Tolkien and of course, Gene Roddenberry. Rose’s last books “Bloodline Tales”, “Vela Kurv Becomes” and “My Killer Life Transformation” all hit the Amazon Bestseller List upon release.

Max Fontaine is Always Ready

Max Fontaine is a part of an elite group of U.S. Coast Guards Law Enforcement Detachment Team and he’s tasked with fighting Colombian drug lords. More than a fighter, he’s also a playboy who may have just met his match in a shrewd and beautiful foreign diplomat. Max is always ready for duty but is he ready for a challenge of international undercover work that’s led by a blind date? Dirty work aside, Max must now be on point and constantly on guard for the hard and fast work of his special forces’ unit called to arms and to square off with the plotting leader of a vast conquering empire.

Decorated football and baseball player Bruce Hembrick lives very well was in High Impact!

Bruce Hembrick is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Hot Springs, Nevada. He was a decorated football and baseball player bound for the makings of a superior athlete until an injury changed his career path. Now he’s living the fast life of a reputable doctor who’s on a path to crash hard due to an overdose lifestyle. He’s got it all, or does he? Hard lessons can be a tough hit even if you’re not riding on top of the world although everyone that’s watching him thinks he is. What will be his ultimate lesson?

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