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Curvy Chick Productions presents Riley Rose book trailers…

VELA KURV Superhero Book Trailer

Uber Bookstore Presents: Superhero Vela Kurv Book Trailer on the Vela Kurv science fiction novels.

Vela Kurv is one beautiful commando who defends Earth from its most lethal alien enemy while she is surreptitiously betrayed and set-up to die. Superhero Vela Kurv is a new superhero!

Vampire Rules for Love – Book Trailer

Readers are calling Vampire Rules for Love, “a juicy twist” filled with characters that are “sexy, trendy and hot!”

A Killer Resume – Book Trailer

Create “a killer professional resume” to give you the edge you need to gain access past the scrutinizing gatekeepers who screen your resume and select the candidates’ resumes that contains the language they seek. “You can create your own killer resume,” right now.

Always Ready Book Trailer

Max Fontaine is a part of an elite group of U.S. Coast Guards Law Enforcement Detachment Team and he’s tasked with fighting Colombian drug lords. More than a fighter, he’s also a playboy who may have just met his match in a shrewd and beautiful foreign diplomat. Max is always ready for duty but is he ready for a challenge of international undercover work that’s led by a blind date? Dirty work aside, Max must now be on point and constantly on guard for the hard and fast work of his special forces’ unit called to arms and to square off with the plotting leader of a vast conquering empire.

Finding You Beneath Book Trailer

Recovering her memories… Will release his driven desires. He had the perfect life. Then…KA-BOOM…everything was gone in one shocking moment that left him broken inside. He’s the proven psychiatrist who helps the oh so many who need to loose a bad habit, get ride of an irrational fear, or explore their hidden past… She is his new female client that is stunningly beautiful, darkly mysterious and factually a troubled young woman who has lost her memory. The big issue is that she doesn’t recognize the people in her new dreams. She simply can’t say a thing because she fears he will cease his work with her and she just can’t let him walk away. She craves his smoldering gaze and desires his touch. He doesn’t know that the deeper he goes the more entangled they become….









Chamberlain Affair Book Series Book Trailer

Dirty hidden secrets of love… Evan is a bad boy. In fact, he’s always been. But he’s the kind of bad that you always root for because he’s learned a thing or two in all the right ways. He sets his sights on the one woman he shouldn’t have, who stirs a desirous, possessiveness in him that makes his insides churn and twist. Evan’s not just bad; he’s also very, very rich. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth yet he learns well from dear ole dad and he makes a fortune, in his own right. Lindsey’s very young, blonde, fabulously beautiful, and married to the bad boy’s stepfather. She is his freaking stepmother! Lindsey knows that everyone thinks she’s a gold digger. Even the dazzlingly, beautiful Evan, whom she can’t stop thinking about. He hides it well but when he looks at her, but he also has distrust and suspicion in his eyes. The bad boy may not trust her but he doesn’t want to bury her like his stepbrother and stepsister does…six feet deep and under, in fact… Lindsey also has a secret she doesn’t ever want anyone to discover. Right now she is completely unavailable until she’s not… So what’s a bad boy to do but come to the rescue…?









Rebecca’s Awakening Book Series Book Trailer

All is fair in love and war… Twenty three year old Rebecca, feels left behind after she’s dumped for her inexperience in reaching orgasm. She gets advice from a group of friends during a one-week get away. Rebecca begins by looking for some tender romance but her search quickly turns into some hot Lessons of love. She runs into a childhood friend, he’s older, movie-star handsome and successful, and finds her young and enticing. She expands her limiting lack luster horizons and follows her newly aroused sexual fantasies to overcome her inhibitions and solve her shortcomings in the field of love. Jefferson is the flame that draws in the moth instincts of Rebecca. Wanting to burn them up, she embraces his invitation to get to know him in the most hot and delicious ways. She allows his control and dominance to take her to high peaks of arousal. The clock begins to tick away during her fantasy vacation. Will her affair with Jefferson end well, or will she just end up heartbroken all over again?

Wounded Heart Book Trailer

Once unmasked, can beauty love the beast…? Kayla Mistry’s new home is now a remote castle. And the man, Mr. Wadleigh, who owns her, she has never seen him. His face is hidden beneath a mask. She only knows fear of him at first, but his voice and his touch brings a secret desire to her surface. She is escorted to him each night to be ravished but he leaves her while she sleeps. There are dark secrets that she intends to uncover. He will do everything in his power to prevent her discovery of his truth. Will the beast survive the consequences of her desire? Note: This romance story is of more intensity and it explores a darker topic that may be unsettling for some readers, however it does conclude with a happily ever after in the end… The content is recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

Bloodline Tales Book Trailer