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Readers are calling Vampire Rules for Love, on Amazon, “a juicy twist” filled with characters that are “sexy, trendy and hot!”

Wounded Heart full of suspense and romance!

Once unmasked, can beauty love the beast…? Kayla Mistry’s new home is now a remote castle. And the man, Mr. Wadleigh, who owns her, she has never seen him. His face is hidden beneath a mask. She only knows fear of him at first, but his voice and his touch brings a secret desire to her surface. She is escorted to him each night to be ravished but he leaves her while she sleeps. There are dark secrets that she intends to uncover. He will do everything in his power to prevent her discovery of his truth. Will the beast survive the consequences of her desire? Note: This romance story is of more intensity and it explores a darker topic that may be unsettling for some readers, however it does conclude with a happily ever after in the end… The content is recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

Chamberlain Affair Books are full of murder mystery and romance!

Dirty hidden secrets of love… Evan is a bad boy. In fact, he’s always been. But he’s the kind of bad that you always root for because he’s learned a thing or two in all the right ways. He sets his sights on the one woman he shouldn’t have, who stirs a desirous, possessiveness in him that makes his insides churn and twist. Evan’s not just bad; he’s also very, very rich. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth yet he learns well from dear ole dad and he makes a fortune, in his own right. Lindsey’s very young, blonde, fabulously beautiful, and married to the bad boy’s stepfather. She is his freaking stepmother! Lindsey knows that everyone thinks she’s a gold digger. Even the dazzlingly, beautiful Evan, whom she can’t stop thinking about. He hides it well but when he looks at her, but he also has distrust and suspicion in his eyes. The bad boy may not trust her but he doesn’t want to bury her like his stepbrother and stepsister does…six feet deep and under, in fact… Lindsey also has a secret she doesn’t ever want anyone to discover. Right now she is completely unavailable until she’s not… So what’s a bad boy to do but come to the rescue…? The edition includes all four parts to The Chamberlains Love Story and Book Series story. The content is recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.


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