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First Data helps your clients find the best suited merchant services solutions to make each business transaction successful.

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Bea is the founder and digital producer for parent company, B’z Shorts Productions since 2006.  A 2 x Webby Award Winner and Webby Judge since 2009.  Bea has been an acclaimed, active creative force in the web community.  Within the digital media world, Bea also produced scripted, brand integrated and sponsored webseries such as; My Two Fans, Road to the Altar, Camera Obscura, Fake It Till You Make It, Days of Light, and The Guild. Brand sponsorships ranging from national and international brands such as: iRobot, Panda Express, Pier 1 Imports, Microsoft and Sprint.

Bea has developed the social media division, Interactive Agents, in 2010 to continue to offer brands creative interactive marketing strategies and management through the most powerful marketing space, social media.   Among a long list of nationally and internationally known brands, Bea has turned these brands into household names and industry leaders on the social media landscape.

A few Case Study Examples of Creative Strategy and Accomplishment:
Client: J.Cat Beauty, makeup brand.  When I joined the J.Cat marketing team their social media presence was very low with a small fan base.  They wanted to dominate the makeup world focusing targeting teens.  I’ve developed an online brand ambassador program where Youtubers would be creating makeup tutorials for their fans using different J.Cat products.  This strategy exploded the fan base into the hundreds of thousands for J.Cat.  Today they are one of the most popular makeup brands for teens.
Client: Regency Park, assisted living facility chain.  The client had no social presence and wanted to create a consistent brand identity online.  Their focus was to showcase their facility to a geo-targeted affluent demographic in the age range of 40-65.  I’ve created a social media strategy based on these goals, and in addition to creating the brand identity w/ consistent online presence, I’ve also made online introductions of the brand to relevant online local media with a large audience to feature the client and to become an advocate on their behalf.  These online friendships I’ve built with the influencer approach gave this client an online popularity within their base.  Today, this company is the leader in its industry in LA on all social platforms.
Client: Tyent USA, water ionizer and filtration system. This client had very little online presence at the time of my hire and their goal was to create a unique voice online in order to organically attract affluent potential customers in the age range of 35-65 nationwide.  I’ve built a content strategy plan for a consistent creative voice that makes their brand attractive and speaks to our audience in order to increase their fanbase, and engagement.  Their next phase was to reach a large audience in a short time frame to introduce their brand to.  I’ve reached this goal by building a sponsorship program for online influencers that I’ve personally managed.  Each sponsored influencer was approached to organically create content for their fanbase including the client’s product and highlight its benefits.  This sponsorship program was a huge success and we were able to reach tens of thousands of people in our target demographic instantaneously.
Client: WaBa Grill, chain restaurant with over 140 stores.  The client had a small online presence and they hired me in order to make them a more popular brand on social media, make themselves stand out with something unique.  I created a strategy plan with different milestones.  One goal for me was to create a stream of viral  videos for them to highlight their strong commitment to their products, and showcase their company message in a fun easy to watch video style.  With a shoestring budget allowance I was able to shoot a series of videos that were an instant hit with our target demographic, and we were able to organically (without ad budget) attract 20,000 views within the first few days of launching.  This approach was a huge success.  The next milestone was to create a content strategy that was snackable to our target demo, by using a mix of creative content original posts created by my team and user content, we were able to achieve this easily, within a short amount of time fans were beginning to flood Instagram with their own WaBa content and make their name go viral.
WaBa Grill’s Twitter strategy was to highlight the company’s message of a healthy lifestyle, including food and fitness.  We consistently connected with Twitter users with a large audience base who focused on Tweeting about healthy lifestyles and created an online friendship with them.
I’ve introduced and developed a brand ambassador program where influencers became part of the WaBa social family and posted to their large audience base about the brand on a regular basis.  We’ve continued our work through special campaigns and unique offers to keep WaBa at the top of the social media platform in the industry.

About Riley Rose

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Riley Rose (Author) McKesson is an author of superhero Vela Kurv books.

She is also a professional writer and producer that is currently working on a film project with Chas. Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer of NCIS TV series, as well as the Producer of Red Tails (2012), which he produced with George Lucas and (LucasFilms).

Rose co-produced the documentary project, ‘The Green Girl’. It revealed the story of the life of Susan Oliver in the award winning move. It was funded on both crowdfunding websites: Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. The film has won three awards.

Rose has written treatments, story synopses, and analyses. Rose has produced several short films for Sundance Film Festival. She has also worked with the Webby Award Winning web series creator of BZ Shorts.

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