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Ghostwriting, What I Do

Everyone has a story. I can help you tell yours.

From memoirs to fiction to screenplays to poetry, I can assist your ghostwriting needs.

I especially love helping first time authors find their voice, but I work with all skill levels.

I can ghostwrite your book from scratch, or do anything from developmental editing to a pre-publication polish.

I can even help you find your story.

I am fast, professional, and most importantly, discreet. After all, I am a ghostwriter.


Why Write Your Story

Imagine for a moment that your great-grandfather had written his life story, or your grandmother had kept detailed journals about her life and the lives of loved ones.

How special would it be to step inside the mind of a grandparent when they were young, to feel how they felt, to know them in such a personal way, to read their story and understand their journey?

One day a grandchild or great-grandchild will look at your photograph and wonder what your life was like, just as you do when you look at pictures of your ancestors today. Why not leave a record of your life to enrich their own?

Imagine a professional ghostwriter interviewing a parent or grandparent about their early life, their loves, their hopes and dreams, and preserving it in narrative form for future generations. What music did they listen to, what did they do for fun, what made them fall in love? So much might otherwise be lost when an elder passes, why not preserve those memories?

Truly an amazing gift which will be treasured for generations. Relax and leave the writing to us!


How it Works

First, I’ll ask you a few questions to determine what direction as a ghostwriter to take.

I’ll lay out a plan with you to determine how to best tell your story.

If you have no written material, we’ll start with phone interviews, and you will simply tell me your story.

Whether it’s the story of your life or the novel you’ve always wanted to write, I can make your book a reality.

If you have previously written material, I can expand it, get it into shape, and finish your work, providing you with a polished manuscript ready to be published.

Novels, memoirs, creative nonfiction, how-to books – whatever you need, I can help you create. And no one will ever know you hired a ghostwriter unless you decide to tell them.

Congratulations. You are now an author. Relax and leave the writing to me!



Services Offered

I can edit what you write, finish what you start, create what you need, or fix what doesn’t work.

If you can write it, I can make it better. If you can dream it, I can turn it into a reality.

Whether you need a business bio for your company web site, liner notes for your first album, an anniversary poem for your parents, or the story of your life in print, I can create it.


Some of what I do:

Memoirs – Biographies – Novels
Creative Nonfiction – Short Stories
How-to Books – Business Books – Business Plans
Web Content – Articles – E-books
Essays – Speeches – Poetry – Lyrics

Relax and leave the writing to me!


What It Costs

Each and every project is unique, so it’s difficult to determine the fee until you tell me what you need.

Perhaps you are planning the next War and Peace, or you may have an original idea for a children’s book. You might want to write your memoir, or you could have a great screenplay idea that you just don’t know how to write.

Whatever it is, my fees are competitive with other ghostwriting services. This service is personal and conducted in a one-on-one discussion. During our discussion I’ll have you answer a couple of questions about your project. I will provide a fair price and payment schedule to fit the project.

Everybody has a story; I will help you tell yours. Just relax and leave the writing to me!

Contact me directly for a consultation: rileymckesson (at) gmail (dot) com.




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