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Who is Riley Rose?

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Riley Rose (Author) McKesson is an author of superhero Vela Kurv books.

She is also a professional writer and producer that is currently working on a film project with Chas. Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer of NCIS TV series, as well as the Producer of Red Tails (2012), which he produced with George Lucas and (LucasFilms).

Rose co-produced the documentary project, ‘The Green Girl’. It revealed the story of the life of Susan Oliver in the award winning move. It was funded on both crowdfunding websites: Kickstarter, and Indiegogo. The film has won three awards.

Rose has written treatments, story synopses, and analyses. Rose has produced several short films for Sundance Film Festival. She has also worked with the Webby Award Winning web series creator of BZ Shorts.

Riley Rose, An Amazon Influencer

Rose is a #1 Amazon Kindle author. Her book, “A Killer Resume” hit #1 on the eighth day after its release. It remains in the Top 100 Bestseller List on Amazon Kindle.

Her “Vampire Rules for Love” romance novel also hit #33 on the Top 100. Her recent science fiction release “Vela Kurv Begins” was featured on Amazon Children’s Books as a #1 recommendation for YA readers. “

Vela Kurv Begins” features an African American female superhero. Rose is a long time lover of creators of whole new worlds. World created by such innovators like George Lucas, JR Tolkien and of course, Gene Roddenberry.

RileyRose Superhero Author and Creator

Rose’s books “Secret Agent Vela Kurv“, “Vela Kurv Is” chapter books, “Vela Kurv Begins”, and “Vela Kurv Becomes” all hit the Amazon Bestseller List upon their release.

Her action thrillers: “Always Ready”, “Chamberlain Affairs”, “Finding You Beneath”, and “High Impact” are her recent success stories.

Her non-fiction books: “Bloodline Tales”, “Digital Media Creation” and “Integrating Technology Into The Classroom” also hit the Amazon Bestseller List upon release.

Rose’s creative accreditations include the WGA Foundation, Storyboard – a Screenplay Development Group at the former 20th Century Fox Studios, and membership of RedShirts – a Sci-Fi Writers Group.

She was a selected member of UCLA Writers Program Instructor and accredited writer, Ron Wilkerson – Star Trek The Next Generation, Voyager and Stargate SG-1.

Rose also worked story analysis screenplay evaluations, and other literary properties under the supervision of Barney Lichtenstein, former Story Analyst for Amblin Entertainment, New Line Cinema and Largo Entertainment.

Rose holds a Bachelors of Science degree from The WP Carey School of Business at ASU, is a graduate of The UCLA Writers Program and is a Screenwriter. She has over 10 years experience as an Investment Banking Professional.

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