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Heroes + Villians

The Hero

Every story has a hero or a protagonist. This is your main character who goes through something and then come with a lesson learned. Readers like to hope for the best in a character. This is a part of our human condition. We always want something good to happen to our hero. So tell the story about your hero or heroine so that your readers can believe and inevitably relate to them in a personal way.

The Villain

Your hero must struggle in order to grow and become more. Such is the case with your story. Who your hero struggles with is the antagonist or your villain. Your book gain meaning and depth through your hero’s struggle. The benefit of a villain or an antagonistic force is that you can do all that you like with it. Create one villain or a multitude, in human or alien form. Your hero can even struggle against a horrible disease; you choose, which.

The Comic

Each story that incorporates complexity benefits from a comic relief character. Give your readers something to laugh about and you’ll gain faithful followers of your writing. This character can be a slapstick or sarcastic wit; include either but be sure to incorporate fun with him or her. The character relief can be best when given an unassuming appearance, like Loki in “Thor”.

The Counselor

Your readers want to feel that they’ve gained more or become more informed. Chose your hero’s counselor or sage, this is the adviser who helps them in their journey throughout your story. This character can be written as a grandparent, an instructor or a teacher or a wise love interest. Again, you choose. Perhaps it’s a very small child that your hero know is wise and can gain much from their example or advice.

The Hero’s Love

Readers will look for the romance in your story. They enjoy the journey towards love. Make it simple or complicated. It can be a crush or a spouse. All humans are drawn to love and want to read about it. Jump in with both feet and write all about it in your story.

The creation of a full range of characters is the story your readers will want to engage it. Develop these five characters in your story and fill it completely with a complete and willing cast. Your story will be one that will be well read!

The Hero’s Love How To Write And Start A Publishing Business In 40 Days

Be A Self Publisher

Be a Self PublisherYou can be a writer and an author. But why not launch a self-publishing business?!

Traditional publishing is dying. The new road begins with the likes of Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, Sony, and many, many more.

Authors are now earning a living writing. Self-Published authors like Libbie Hawker, Danielle Bourdon, Lisa Grace, Alan Petersen, Darren Wearmouth, etc. EL James changed the self-publishing game for everyone to see. Her record breaking book sales unearthed the publishing landscape and saved the doors from closing for Barnes & Noble, as the CEO was quoted.


Even well known authors like Dean Wesley Smith, Stephen King and the famous JK Rollins who wrote herself into the UK annuals of authors who began under meager circumstances to become one of the wealthiest in England by the strokes of her Harry Potter, pen.

Riley Rose McKesson began her writing career as a screenwriter who was advised by a publishing agent to self-publish her science fiction stories began she began pitching them to Hollywood. Fast forward several years later and her book “A Killer Resume” hits #1 on Amazon Kindle and remains in the Top 20 of the Top 100. This begins her journey as a self-publisher.

Riley Rose learned first hand about the perils of lay-off and downsizing and knew she had to begin her own business to create the life she so desired by living by her writing pen and pursuing her filmmaking career. Her first producing project, The Green Girl ( just premiered. It was funded on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and as been invited to Robert DeNiro’s film festival, Tribeca. She believes in realizing the dreams of a writer’s heart. You can too!

Ebook Writing and Marketing Packages

Rose is currently working with Getrude Matshe, Huffington Post Journalist and her Publishing platform. If you’re a burning first time author wanting to get your first book published or just wanting some guidance on your concept and/or marketing plan for your book, please see the contact information below to contact Rose. Rose is here to help you with your book!

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Guide/Program Seminar Outline:

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Book Composition Tools

Five Things Sell Your Books

1. A Strong Book Cover

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2. A Book Trailer




3. Your Website


4. Product Branding and Positioning

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4.A This includes Email and Direct Response Advertising:

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5. Social Media and Advertising


6. Book Marketing Tools

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A Killer Resume Book Cover 2 072813Free to Paid Marketing

This is a FREE Marketing Method I used to promote my book, “A Killer Resume” to #1 on Amazon in 8 days! This is a great method to begin to move your book and build an audience so that you can create an alternative revenue stream with your own books sales or your own publishing business. I used this method as outlined by, The Digital Marketer and it’s worked well for all of my book sales. I think you will find it useful.

When you publish on Kindle you will also publish on CreateSpace with softcover and hardcover copies available for purchase. Promoting digitally is much less costly than promoting hardcopy sales on the Internet. Shipping costs are not a factor for e-books and has thereby captured large audiences who shop for their books by genre. This is evident by the large book reading audiences on Goodreads, well over 20 million readers. is a free website for book lovers. Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone’s bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings, in addition there are audiences for Kindle, Nook, Apple iBooks, Sony and Kobo, just to name a few eReader device audiences. Sales for digital books is more than four times the sales numbers for softcover and hardcover books.

After you’ve built an audience for your book sales on Kindle, you can roll it out on the many other book publishing platforms such as the aforementioned, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, and Sony, Kobo and the well know aggregator, Smashwords. These are just a few of the larger brand names for the fast growing, digital reading audience.

Contact me for your “Free to Paid Marketing” Guide. It’s part of the program for “How to Write and Start a Publishing Business in 40 Days”. Contact me to find out how: info (at) McKessonMarketing (dot) com.

After reviewing the steps for the Free to Paid E-book Marketing Method, follow the tips for How to Get Free Publicity for Your Book.


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