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BOOKS – Meet Bobby Nash, Award Winning Thriller Writer and Author!

Bobby Nash is not a man of action, a detective, or a hero, but he loves writing about characters who are all those things and more…

Bobby Nash Award Winning Author Bobby is an award-winning author of novels, comic books, short stories, screenplays, and more. He is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and International Thriller Writers. On occasion, he acts, appearing in movies and TV shows, usually standing behind your favorite actor. From time to time, he puts pen to paper and creates art. For more information on Bobby Nash and his work, please visit him at,, and across social media.

SNOW FALLS a novella by Bobby Nash.

“Sometimes half an inch is all that stands between life and death.”

Bobby Nash Snow Falls Thriller

After a near fatal encounter while deep undercover in South America, Abraham Snow retires from his work as a government operative, moving in with his grandfather during his recuperation. Once there, however, Abraham realizes that his grandfather has an ulterior motive: He wants Abraham to join the family business, Snow Security Consulting.

Abraham soon learns that working with his family can be just as treacherous as deep cover work, especially when caught between his father and grandfather. But when an assassination plot against a visiting dignitary puts the entire family at risk, Snow must use all of his skills and contacts to keep them safe and stop a killer.


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Bobby Nash Snow Falls Book CoverSNOW FALLS is an adrenaline-filled adventure thriller from award-winning author Bobby Nash and the first in a series of action-packed adventures featuring Abraham Snow and friends.


Also available in paperback and ebook (read them FREE with Kindle Unlimited): Snow Storm, Snow Drive (2018 Pulp Factory Award Best Novel Nominee), Snow Trapped, Snow Star, and Snow Series 1, Vol. 1. Coming in 2020: Snow Down and Snow Series 1, Vol. 2. Snow Series 2 and Snow Shorts debut in 2021.


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Bobby Nash Snow Falls Front Back Cover

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Published by BEN Books.

Cover art by Dennis Calero ( and Jeffrey Hayes (

Audio Narration by Stuart Gauffi.

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Bobby Nash, Award Winning Thriller Writer and Author!


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Mattel Barbie New Dolls

MATTEL BARBIE – One Of My Favorite Things, Mattel Releases A New Barbie Extra Line At Walmart, Target, And Amazon In Time For Holiday Shopping

Mattel is once again rolling out a Barbie of color!

Mattel introduces a new Barbie. The company explains their position of the new doll in the marketplace: “There’s a little something “extra” about Mattel’s newest line of Barbie dolls.”

The new Barbie line showcases rainbow hair to a range of body types, skin tones and fashion. In fact, “…each of the five Barbie Extra dolls has a playful and over-the-top style, Mattel officials shared exclusively with USA TODAY.”

As the holidays roll in, Mattel released an announcement. “The new dolls go on sale Monday at Amazon, Target and Walmart with a suggested retail price of $24.99 each.”

New Barbie Dolls by Mattel

Mattel releases new Barbie line of dolls.

Kim Culmone, Mattel senior vice president and global head of Design Barbie & Fashion Dolls, explained that, “When it comes to fashion, Barbie Extra has a ‘more is more’ attitude, as even their pets are accessorized.

Each doll rocks their own unique style and offers girls an exciting fashion and styling play experience with posable, articulated bodies.”

Mattell New Barbie Line

New Barbie line of dolls.

Culmone elaborated and explained that the company looked over several sources for inspiration of design including culture, fashion runways, and street style. “Barbie is at her best when she connects to culture and Barbie Extra does just that from the name, down to every detail and accessory.”

Mattel New Barbie Line of Dolls

Mattel releases new Barbie line of dolls.

Mattel’s Culmone is clear about the message the company wants to present. “The dolls are fun and playful, letting kids dial up their self-expression and fashion fantasy play by showing them you can be a trendsetter at every age.”

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ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, The Undoing: Donald Sutherland Breaks Down His Character’s Shocking Secrets | HBO

RileyRose Author, McKesson

Donald Sutherland is one of the cinema’s great actors.

Donald Sutherland has had a very long career. He has 195 credits on his IMDB resume.

Donald Sutherland in The Undoing on HBO

Donald Sutherland has won 19 awards.

Sutherland’s awards include two Golden Globes, and 28 award nominations also including Primetime Emmys and BAFTA Film Award nominees.

Donald Sutherland in The Undoing on HBO

IMDB summarizes his accomplished career, “The towering presence of Canadian actor Sutherland is often noticed, as are his legendary contributions to cinema. He has appeared in almost 200 different shows and films.

Character actor Donald Sutherland

He is also the father of renowned actor Kiefer Sutherland, among others. Sutherland has made a lasting legacy on Hollywood, whether portraying a chilling and horrifying villain, or playing the older respectable character in his films.

A true character actor, Sutherland is one of Canada’s most well-known names and will hopefully continue on being so long after his time.”

Susanne Bier directs The Undoing on HBO

Susanne Bier, Director, Executive Producer of The Undoing on HBO

Watching his fearless art in The Undoing is quite simply, pure pleasure and the best entertainment and fun! The Undoing is premiering on HBO, HBO Max, and available on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

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Justin Bieber 2020

ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, Justin Bieber Sings At The People’s Choice Awards | Nov 2020

Justing Bieber Sings Live At People’s Choice Awards 2020

Justin Bieber brings down the house at the People’s Choice Awards. He performed a compilation of ‘Lonely’ and ‘Holy’.

Justin Bieber sing Lonely

Justin Bieber had beautiful cinematography behind him for his opening song, ‘Lonely.’

Justin Bieber sings Lonely at the People's Choice Awards 2020

The camera followed Bieber to an inside stage where he took off his coat and walked down a long runway, brightly lit with hung, purple lighted crosses, as he sang to ‘Holy’.

Justin Bieber sings Holy

For added affect, his performance began as a solo with just piano and ended with an accompaniment of a full stage of background singers aligned along the modeled walkway.

Justin Bieber sings Holy at the People's Choice Awards 2020

Justin Bieber lived and performed up to his current status as the Prince of Pop.

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Linda Ronstadt Documentary The Sound Of My Voice

ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, Linda Ronstadt Documentary, The Sound Of My Voice

RileyRose Author, McKesson


I was struck by film on the life of rock star singer, Linda Ronstadt. She attended my high school in Tucson, Arizona. She graduated some years before me. I was on the yearbook staff, my sophomore year, and we did a feature article on her at the time. Her career was on fire. She had an incredible voice that my yearbook staff teacher wanted to feature. He was successful in reaching the Ronstadt family and we interviewed her for the yearbook article.

I was drawn to the documentary after listening to an interview that aired in 2013 on FRESH AIR with host, Terry Gross. Apparently the interview was scheduled right after Ronstadt received a medical diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The documentary reveals that she ended her career a few years before the official diagnosis because the disease severely affected her voice and its range.

Gross points out in her interview that, “Ronstadt recorded her first hit in 1967, “Different Drum,” under the name of her band, the Stone Poneys. She went on to sell more than a hundred million records. Her best-known recordings include “Heart Like A Wheel,” “Desperado,” “You’re No Good,” “Faithless Love,” “When Will I Be Loved,” “Willin'” and “Blue Bayou.” Her rise to stardom coincided with the height of the counterculture and the music associated with it, making her a focal point in a world far removed from her Catholic upbringing in Tucson.”


Ronstadt’s career flourished because of her perfect pitch and wide range that allowed her to put her own spin on cover songs. Linda turned a classic Phil Everly song into a country-rock classic and made it into a bigger hit than the original rising as high as No. 2 on the Billboard pop single charts. It was recorded in 1974 as part of her now classic “Heart Like A Wheel” album, produced by Peter Asher.

Linda Ronstadt sings “Blue Bayou”, one of her record breaking cover songs.

The documentary covers the many faces of her long career. She never remained tied to any of the popular music of her timeframe. And against the recommendations of her record label, she recorded an album of standards with the notable arranger Nelson Riddle, that turned into a surprise hit and led to a couple of other albums from the American Songbook. Ronstadt also recorded albums covering the Mexican songs that she learned from her Mexican grandfather and her father.

Linda Ronstadt with Eagles – Silver Threads & Golden Needles

Ronstadt was instrumental in the beginning of the Eagles band; its members were original musicians that played with her band. The directors of the film, Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, tell Ronstadt’s story as a “rock queen” using her own words.

The film brushes over her playing Sun City in apartheid-era South Africa (especially galling, considering how many of her hits were originally recorded by Black performers), and after the UN had declared a cultural boycott there. A Who’s Who of ’80s musicians later got together for a “We Are the World” style collaboration declaring “I’m not gonna play Sun City” in response to Ronstadt (and other performers, like Queen, and Paul Simon) defying the boycott.


Since Ronstadt has Parkinson’s disease, the film has moments that do evoke sadness about her current state, an ableist view belied by a scene in which she sings along (though she refuses to call her now limited range “singing”), with her nephew playing an old Mexican favorite.


She is also still engaged with the world (and voices strong opinions about the border with Mexico, which she and her family crossed often when she was a child), as evidenced in a recent interview with The New YorkerIn spite of her tongue-in-cheek hit “Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me,” the last thing Linda Ronstadt has ever wanted was for anyone to feel sorry for her.


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Nicole Kidman sings title sequence, Dream a Little Dream of Me, in The Undoing on HBO

ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, Nicole Kidman Sings Title Sequence For The Undoing On HBO

Nicole Kidman Sings, “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” for The Undoing on HBO.

In case you’ve been watching The Undoing on HBO, and listening as the title sequence plays, you maybe thinking to yourself, ‘I know that voice, I’ve heard it before’. Indeed you have. It is Nicole Kidman singing. We’ve heard her famously before in the film, Moulin Rouge, probably only if you’re a movie buff. It premiered in 2001.

Kidman is back singing again as she explains that Susanne Bier, Director of The Undoing on HBO, called her about a month before she was going to, “Lock Picture,” and asked her to sing the title sequence. Kidman replies, “Absolutely not.” To which Susanne retorts, “You have to.” Upon hearing Susanne’s comment, Kidman agrees.

The Journey of “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” cover song…

Ozzie Nelson starred in The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, a radio and television series.“Dream a Little Dream of Me” began its journey in song in 1931, it offers music by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt and the lyrics are written by Gus Kahn. It was originally recorded in February of 1931 by the well known Ozzie Nelson and with Wayne King and His Orchestra, with vocals by Ernie Birchill. In case you’re wondering who Ozzie Nelson was, “Oswald George Nelson (March 20, 1906 – June 3, 1975) was an American band leader, actor, director, and producer. He originated and starred in The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, a radio and television series with his wife Harriet and two sons David and Ricky Nelson.”

The song is a popular standard, it has seen more than 60 other versions recorded, with one of the highest chart ratings by The Mamas & The Papas in 1968 with Cass Elliot…

The title song was also famously recorded by Doris Day…

At present, we’ve seen three of the promised six episodes of the series. HBO has issued its own procedural summary. In an effort to stay clear of spoilers, here is their synopsis: “It’s not just birds singing in the sycamore tree, watch Nicole Kidman sing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” for The Undoing’s opening credits. While the stars are shining bright above you, listen to Nicole Kidman’s version of “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

“Stars shining bright above you…”

More directly from HBO: “Grace and Jonathan Fraser (Kidman and Hugh Grant) are living the only lives they ever wanted for themselves. Overnight a chasm opens in their lives: a violent death and a chain of terrible revelations. Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child (Noah Jupe) and her family.

Get More The Undoing Official Site: Stream on HBO Max:”

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The Diana moment embodied in Season 4 of The Crown

ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, The Crown, Releases Upcoming Season 4 On Netflix


The popular and much anticipated fourth season of The Crown is releasing on Netflix on November 15, 2020. Netflix is leading us on a journey of following Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) as this royal family is affixed with the protection of the line of succession by procuring a suitable bride for an unmarried 30 year-old Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor). As the British nation feels the weight of political divisiveness of policies originated by the first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson).

The Season 4 trailer reflects the high tension that rises between Thatcher and the Queen. It worsens with Thatcher’s actions that take Britain into the Falklands War, creating a conflict within the Commonwealth. The Crown has been revealing and divisive in its historical storytelling. The entire season will hopefully deliver with the same impact and reveal of intricate relationships and conflicts within this very royal family.

The Diana moment embodied in Season 4 of The Crown

The Diana (Emma Corrin) moment (The Royal Wedding) embodied in Season 4 of The Crown on Netflix, November 15, 2020.

This is a rather short post since the new season doesn’t begin rolling out until November 15. Waiting with anticipation and enthusiasm of a story to reveal new insights and secrets of a famous story, a time of striking headlines, and hard hit pivots of critical significance around a family that truly dwells in that age old adage: To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48).

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HBO Series, The Undoing

ENTERTAINMENT – One Of My Favorite Things, The Undoing, New HBO Series

-Riley Rose McKesson

HBO Series, The Undoing. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant star. David E. Kelley, writer and creator.

It may be Halloween, but I’m writing about one of my favorite things! Although I’ve only viewed the very first episode of The Undoing, I am a longtime fan of David E. Kelley, the creator of so many wonderful hits: Big Little Lies, Boston Legal, and The Practice, L.A. Law, Ally McBeal, and one my personal favorites Lake Placid (only the first movie). Kelley’s characters are complicated, unorthodox, and very unexpected. Yet, there’s a very real humanism to their place in life and the decisions they make while living it inside the universe that he creates.

Leading the cast is Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and the always memorable Donald Sutherland. Noma Dumezweni joins the cast with her warm, buttery, and evocative voice like no other. You’ll remember her from Mary Poppins Returns (2018), Dirty Pretty Things (2002) and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019). Some new faces include Noah Jupe, Edgar Ramiriz, Matilda De Angelis, and Edan Alexander.

LR: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Noah Jupe, Donald Sutherland, and Matilda De Angelis

Six episodes will be following in total. So far, we’ve only seen the premiere. Rotten Tomatoes is rating it a 76 from critics and 75 from the audience, thus far. Not a lot of plot has been revealed, thus far, so the rating is conservative. The setup is cinematically captivating with way too much perfection; we know the left shoe is going to fall. The main cast of characters (Kidman, Grant, and Sutherland), present themselves as grounded, saucy, and intelligent.

We want them to be our friends in a world we view from their perfect point-of-view, right now. We get a hint of neurosis as the initial episode mystery begins to unfold. Secrets are hidden and the shock of what we don’t know is what we’re waiting on to emerge. We can feel the dark cloud beginning to form.

LR: Edgar Ramirez, Edan Alexander, Noma Dumezweni

The HBO Original Series is premiering on HBO with Amazon Prime Video channels, and Hulu. I was completely ready to binge this series, only to find out each episode rolls out on Sunday from October 25-November 29, one week at a time; six episodes in total are what we are waiting on. This is clearly a thriller with a ride that’s climbing the rollercoaster heading toward a sharp peak. It’s the Kelley climb that we’re waiting on, one gripping piece of viewing at a time as each story episode premieres…

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