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-Riley Rose, Author

Grimm TV Series stars David Giuntoli, inspired by Grimm Fairytale Stories

The Wonderful World of Grimm

Life in a COVID environment just breeds binge watching and I have binged on several, specifically what I determined as fun and enjoyable TV procedural projects. Recently I discovered Grimm staring David Giuntoli. I have been in love with creators of whole new worlds since I initially fell hard and fast for Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. So much time and talent is involved in the creation of a fantastical origination.

A World Filled With Back Lore From The Grimm Fairytales

I found the same type of incredible story development and character in the creation of the modern day world (2011-2017 TV series run) of Grimm. What an original idea to create a crime drama serial in the setting of an unknown criminal world of Wesen.

The creators of Grimm certainly have an arsenal of impact from its writers, particularly David Greenwalt who wrote and created for other fantastical serials that I have enjoyed: Moonlight staring Alex O-Loughlin, Angel staring David Boreanaz, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) staring Sarah Michelle Geller. What impressed me about the story as it progressed across six seasons was the commitment to story, drama, and fun. All of the characters were given a rollercoaster to ride on.

Nothing was sacred and everything was up for change. Humor was weaved in quite well and relationships that began as sacred and tender were upturned and confrontational, who I liked and loved became mortal enemies to Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby), cast leads and partners on the show, as the story reached across boundaries and countries. What happened in the wake of it all were the torn-down, long-lasting familiar relationships as each episode unfolded and each season began and ended without any apologies. This was no small viewing adventure; Seasons 1-5 include 22 episodes, each are 43 minutes in length without commercial breaks.

Who I loved when the series began, Juliette played by Bitsie Tulloch, became a mortal enemy that I waited for Nick to take down.

I sat and laughed at my own feelings that were let out to really enjoy the highs and dark mystical lows that were so well crafted and countered.

Season 1 was given a rough start ranking of 53, but only by critics, the audience adored it with a rating of 88 from its beginnings.

Seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5, all received a 100 from critics, and the final season 6 did well in its review with an 83. Not all shows end this well with its viewing audience.

Hello Sopranos and Game of Thrones, who rode high and popular during their season run but oh so many fans were deeply thrashed and upset with their series ending. Well this is not an issue with Grimm. It was such an original idea to use the well-known children stories of Grimm as the backdrop of a cop drama in the setting of a highly artistic community in Portland Oregon. The eternal gray haze, green forestry, and cloudy skies were a perfect setting for this unworldly community of beasts and creatures.

Spoiler alert! Grimm begins in an almost romanticized fantasy; Nick is in love with Juliette and committed for all of eternity to her. He demonstrates this over, and over, and over again. His love endures her kidnapping, her attacks, her memory loss but oh in the end, first comes betrayal, then setting fire to his family treasures and finally the setup for the murder of his mother, one, two, three, you’re finally out! So much happens in between and in the midst of this story. But it’s the resolution that the watcher doesn’t see coming. This is truly a writing gift, to drive an audience into romance and love of character and then to turn them away and into the arms of a beast could not have been foreseen. I loved every minute of this ride. I was mesmerized by the setting and the romance and fell in love with Nick’s soon to be fiancé, Juliette, but even I couldn’t forgive the massive trail of betrayal and began to root for the beast to win her love for the Grimm in the end. What can I say, a girl’s gotta have some fun during COVID-19!

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Vela Kurv Enjoys Star Trek TNG in “Elementary, Dear Data”

Vela Kurv Academy School Log

Star Trek The Next Generation’s (TNG) famous Captain Picard encourages his crew to explore their own curiosities for exploration with favorite hobbies, even though such tactics sometime expose the ship to great risk. During an adventure on the holodeck, in which Data is portraying Sherlock Holmes, Geordi asks the computer to create a Moriarty adversary capable of defeating Data.
Since the request specifies that Moriarty should be greater than “Data” himself (and not the Holmes character), the resulting character proves himself capable of far exceeding Geordi and Data’s expectations.


From Lorabella’s journals at the West Pipe Space Academy, before she becomes Vela Kurv

A lesson is learned in what is possible in holodeck programming. Moriarty becomes almost self aware. Picard is intrigued by the development and allows the character not to be erased and more knowledge is gained on what is possible inside the holodeck aboard the starship Enterprise.


No risk, no reward. A qualified leader cannot be afraid of measured risk, especially when greater useable knowledge is the reward.


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Star Trek TNG Where Silence Has Lease

Vela Kurv Sits and Watches “Where Silence Has Lease” on Star Trek TNG

Vela Kurv Academy School Log

On Star Trek TNG, “Where Silence Has Lease”

In Star Trek TNG, Captain Picard’s U.S.S Enterprise-D encounters a mysterious void in space. Picard, ever the explorer moves the ship in closer to investigate. To his surprise, it envelops the Enterprise and his crew can’t maneuver out. Picard must now negotiate with an all powerful being that has already killed a crew member in a mere experimentation to view human death.

Picard counters this malevolent species by threatening to destroy the Enterprise. This is a bluff that works and in the end he gains the acknowledgement that next time he encounters this powerful being, it will be amongst the stars and not in a void in space.


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Marina Siritis stars in Star Trek TNG. From Pinterest, Copyright free image.

Vela Kurv is Mystified with “The Child” on Star Trek TNG

Vela Kurv Academy School Log

Marina Siritis stars in Star Trek TNG, The Child.

Captain Picard must deal with the unimaginable. Counselor Deanna Troi is impregnated by an unknown alien life-form. Determining whether the life-form is a threat or if it has a peaceful purpose of simply acquiring intelligence is Picard’s best guess. Fortunately a peaceful purpose turns out to be so.

Diana Muldaur stars as Dr. Katherine Pulaski on Star Trek TNGAdditionally Picard meets his crew’s new chief medical officer, Dr. Katherine Pulaski.

Diana Muldaur stars as Dr. Katherine Pulaski

Both aforementioned circumstances are unknowns and are intertwined. Picard’s practical ability to examine and discern allows the threat of a medical contaminate aboard his ship to be exposed. And the fast growing child, an intelligent species in and of itself, sacrifices his young human life to preserve the Enterprise crew. This allows the starship’s rescue mission carrying the medicines needed to eradicate a killing disease to occur. Picard’s tact and resolve is a model to be imitated.


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Star Trey Voyager Resistance Episode

Vela Kurv Watches “Resistance” in Star Trek Voyager

Vela Kurv Academy School Log

Janeway is forced to rely on her own devices when Torres and Tuvok are captured by the Mokra during an away mission searching for tellerium.

Star Trek Starship Voyager suffers a serious shortage of tellurium, critical to the ship’s power generation systems. In an effort to acquire the tellurium, Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and her away team visit a Class-M planet where the people called the Mokra live. The team is forced to operate covertly on the planet, because of the oppressive nature of the Mokra government.


After crew members are detained, Janeway is successful in befriending an Alsaurian resistance fighter named Caylem who is killed but not before he is instrumental in helping the Voyager away team deal with the Mokra officials. Janeway is appreciative of his sacrifice; it reinforces her belief system on loyalty, and the unified purpose that has been building between her Voyager crew. This new crew born out of two crews that were juxtaposed in mission and purpose; one renegade, one military, but both now search for a much shortened journey back home to Earth.


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