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ENTERTAINMENT – Riley Rose Author Offers New Journals, Calendars, Sketchbooks, and More!

Riley Rose & Superhero Vela Kurv with the Girls Scouts of Los Angeles, California

Riley Rose Author

Riley Rose (Author) McKesson is an author, a professional writer and content creator currently working on a film project with Chas. Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer of NCIS TV series, (as well as Producer of Red Tails (2012), which he produced with George Lucas – LucasFilms). Rose’s recent documentary project, as co-producer, on the life of Susan Oliver in the award winning, ‘The Green Girl’ Movie ( The film has won three awards ( Rose has has also worked with the Webby Award Winning web series creator of BZ Shorts.

RileyRose is a #1 Amazon Kindle author, her recent science fiction release “Vela Kurv Begins” was featured on Amazon Children’s Books as a #1 recommendation for YA readers. “Vela Kurv Begins” features a biracial female superhero. RileyRose is a long time lover of creators of whole new worlds like George Lucas, JR Tolkien and of course, Gene Roddenberry. RileyRose’s last books “Bloodline Tales”, “Vela Kurv Becomes” and “My Killer Life Transformation” all hit the Amazon Bestseller List upon release.

Special note: I have conducted story coverage as a Digital Marketing Expert and analyzed story structure on #Star Trek Picard, #Evil and #Outsider on #HBO; "Hallmark Murder and Mysteries" shows, the Wonder Woman film and Marvel films, Star Trek TNG, Star Trek TOS and Star Trek Voyager series; several Disney films, Warner Brothers films, Sony Pictures and other Indie films. #RileyRose #RileyRoseAuthor

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Superhero Vela Kurv Book Trailer Video, Also a murder mystery novel

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Rebecca’s Awakening Book Trailer, a romance story novel

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Always Ready Book Trailer about a secret agent murder mystery story

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Wounded Heart Book Trailer about romance and murder mystery

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Finding You Beneath Book Trailer, A Romance and Suspense Novel

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Chamberlain Affair Book Trailer, about a Murder Mystery Novel

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Annie’s Star Trek On The Edge Of Forever

Green Girl Movie Trailer on Susan Oliver